Exporting rare plants all over the world!

IMPORTANT-Please read this page(below) before ordering!


To avoid shipping issues, we ask that customers create a member registration prior to ordering plants because every country has different requirements.

After member registration, you will be provided with a login and password. For simply browsing our site no registration is needed. 

In the menu “Plants” you can choose to view all plants or by family or by the search buttom, by plant name. We wish you a lot of fun watching our stock. If any question or remark(s) let us know by the contactform. Prices (in Thai Baht, you can choose for $, but the invoice will be in Thai Baht) on the site are indications, depending on size,  beauty and worldwide availability. An order is just an inquiry! 

After ordering, we will contact you by email with the cost of the available plants, documents and shipping depending on the country you are located and send an invoice with detailed information. After you agree with this confirmation, you will have to provide us with a “proof of payment”. Payments must be made to our company bank account only.

Most of our customers use:



As a Dutchman running an export company in Thailand, I have to follow the rules in place here and other methods of payment are not accepted. Paypal is not an excepted payment for Thai Companies. 

We will do everything we can to minimize the risk of damage by shipping and packing with care as well as choosing the most appropriate shipment method. For USA, Canada, Europe, UK, UAE, Philippines, South Korea, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong we use a door-to-door delivery carrier which includes customs. Other countries we ship to are mostly done by EMS Express. (DHL is not permitted to ship plants in Thailand.)

While we can’t be held responsible for weather, damages, delays, or other shipping mishaps we always do our best to find solutions.

Red Rose Holland Export

We love plants.

Red Rose Holland has a big collection of (rare) Monstera, Philodendron, Epipremnum and other aroids, growing with love and attention.